Preserved Feta with Herbs ~ JO


feta cheese
fennel seeds
2 dried chilies
olive oil
dried herbs, i.e. parsley, thyme, red basil, green basil, oregano


- Put the cheese on paper towels to remove excess moisture.
- Cut the chilies into small pieces. Put them on a flat surface with fennel seeds and some pepper. Crumble the herbs lightly and remove the thick stalks.

- Spread out on the surface and push the cheese into the mixture, so seeds and herbs stick to it.
- Put the cheese carefully into a jar. Break the cheese into smaller pieces to leave as little space as possible in the jar. Fill the jar with olive oil.

- Ready to serve after 1 week. Do not put in the fridge, as the oil will stiffen. A delicacy served on warm baguettes.


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