3abeer's Kitchen.. a new addition

Because you nagged.. and complained that I don't have any arabic recipes posted on my well fed club, and because I didn't want to cause any confusion by posting my arabic recipes here, so...

here's my latest addition.. a recipe blog in Arabic.


Street Performer said...

i wish i can rent u for the weekends. but my friends warned me about that. i'm SOO going to the store tomorrow, buying ingredients and cooking somehting.
everytime i get hungry :P i go over your food pictures!


are u for rent?

3abeer said...

I don't whether to be flattered or completely creeped out LOL :P

I guess it's the former ;)

I'm still working on put in my family recipes, old and new.. I've only managed to put a few and recipes that I collected and have tried..
so stick around there's more to come..

I'm just getting started ;)